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Are you considering installing a swimming pool of your own?

Are you considering installing a swimming pool at your home? Don’t tell the neighbors or your kids that you’re thinking of having your own swimming pool until, as property owner, you can answer these questions to your own satisfaction:

● Would a pool enhance the value of your property? What months can it be used? How will your property look with an unused pool in sight?

● Would a pool with decks, fence, filter and other equipment fit in your available space?

● Have you considered insurance, fencing and the chance of off-season accidents in and around the pool?

● Would the insurance costs wreck your budget?

● Is swimming more important to your family than other activities requiring similar investment in space, money, time and energy?

● Are you prepared for wet swimmers to walk in and out of your home for use of the toilet, telephone, first aid, etc.? Would you add a separate building for that?

● Where would you store brooms, testing equipment, vacuum cleaner, hoses, chlorine, etc.?

● Who would be in charge of chlorination and filtration, lifeguard duty, maintenance and safety?

● Is the pool large enough for when your toddlers are teenagers? Who’ll use it when they’re grown and gone?

● Who would be in charge when your family members are away?

● Who would make the rules, and who will enforce them for family and guests?

● When you are old and gray, would you be able to get into the pool - and out?

● Who would be your lifeguard if you live alone?

● How many people are "a pool full" of adults?

● Would the pool have shade part of the day?

● Are any family members allergic to pool chemicals?

● Who will be "away at camp?" this summer or others?

● How many years of use by present family? Growing children? Unborn?

● What activities, such as lessons or ball teams, would be neglected if you have a swimming pool?

Our swimming pool on the farm was built, enlarged, changed and remodeled as needed. It was the source of summer income for the children and me while my late husband was either farming or working at REA or the University of Missouri. All four of us enjoyed the association of people who drove 12 miles or more to take swimming lessons.

Now it’s getting its 50th annual paint job. As designer, co-owner, former teacher and boss, that pool has contributed more than I can say - to these first 90 years of my life.

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