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Welcome to the online "Granny's Notes" archive. This collection contains all of Sue Gerard's stories from her weekly column in the Columbia Daily Tribune. Please browse the list below to read her stories.

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December 27 Family of tourists said, ‘Be sure to stop at Harg’
December 20 When Dad hollered ‘milk,’ his customers brought kitchen pans
December 13 Missouri clay has provided inspiration for generations
December 6 Boone County trees give homes a Christmas smell
November 29 Ulcer might have been better fate than celiac sprue diagnosis
November 22 Difference between ‘M’ men and ‘M’ women in ’30s was 900 points
November 15 Local college girls were ‘knittin’ mittens for Britain’
November 8 The artist lacked patience required to work in clay
November 1 Untrained student tackled a specialist’s challenge
October 25 Instructor knew Missouri clay but did not know terra cotta
October 18 A fourth of world’s people were isolated for 30 years
October 11 Auctioneer knew his bidders
October 4 Hadrian’s Wall was built to last, and it certainly did
September 27 Bikes were important to the Gerard children
September 20 By using lights, Dolphins were like lightning bugs
September 13 Column enters 10th year as Granny celebrates 90
August 30 Teacher made mermaids out of little mud-crawlers
August 23 Recreation is as easy as putting a ship in a bottle
August 16 Special trees, like diaries, can contain our life stories
August 9 In 1889, Hattie Parsons ‘staked her claim’ along Oklahoma river
July 26 The village was named Harg for its immigrants
July 19 Boil 320 gallons of water until only slush remains
July 12 In 1806, salt was made by boiling spring water
June 28 Kentucky families started over in Central Missouri
June 21 Not all young ‘swimmers’ are safe in deep water
June 14 Father sold ‘clean milk, fresh from my own cows’
June 7 Not all farmers wanted electric lights in the ’30s
May 24 Rebuilding British church in Fulton was labor of love
May 17 Blacksmith was asked to solve ‘the greatest jigsaw puzzle known’
May 10 Uncle Archie was right about the hazard posed by honeybees
May 3 Buy millions of honeybees, but you’ll never ‘own’ one
April 26 Teachers love helping willing students learn
April 19 The Depression taught us new ways to have money
April 12 Missouri has contributed much to the horse enthusiasts’ world
April 5 If pioneer men had itchy feet, the women packed to move
March 29 Coopers led pioneers far west into hostile territory
March 22 World finally listens to Henry Heimlich
March 15 Selling freelance articles is like catching perch
March 8 February was a taste of spring, but you shouldn’t trust March
March 1 Gordon Manor guarded Columbia’s eastern portal
February 23 We enjoyed Canada’s Maritime Provinces
February 16 There was always enough bath water to go around
February 9 The world was waiting to be explored by bike
February 2 Horse and buggy or Model T Ford - the going was great
January 26 Town of Harg is still alive for some who remember
January 19 Bicyclists learn about food production from rural trip leader
January 12 It was difficult to find information for celiacs
January 5 Even celiacs should eat five servings of grain daily
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