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Welcome to the online "Granny's Notes" archive. This collection contains all of Sue Gerard's stories from her weekly column in the Columbia Daily Tribune. Please browse the list below to read her stories.

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December 26 Santa came after supper to our home on the farm
December 19 As youngsters mature, we oldsters claim the credit
December 12 Thirsty cows needed water on frigid day
December 5 Moist clay from Onondaga Cave suggested a new lifetime project
November 28 Ask for ‘pegs’ or ‘hooks’; both are difficult to find
November 21 Unique day and banquet ended ’81 China bike tour
November 14 Bicycles substituted for trucks in 1981 China
October 31 Sixteen bicycle tourists visited mainland China
October 24 Some postwar memories aren’t as good as others
October 17 Eccentric surveyor Ira Nash was first ‘white man’ in Boone County
October 3 Christmas trees brought money and happiness
September 26 Joy of accomplishment follows some to old age
September 19 Little children sometimes learn how to swim before they know it
September 12 General Motors taught mechanics from Coast Guard how to teach
August 29 People said my husband helped win two wars
August 22 ‘When you do finally get here, it’s not so bad!’
August 15 University High and Mizzou formed a family in the ’30s
August 8 Early life was difficult on ‘Whip-Poor-Will Hill’
August 1 No, we are not relatives of famous Daniel Boone
July 25 Retired couple welcomed Harg 4-H campers in 1950
July 18 Is it true that this family farm will become a golf course?
July 11 High school junior biked into the world of business
June 27 ‘Two wheels, one behind the other, would fall over’
June 20 Leonardo sketched bicycles before people could ride them
June 13 Will you be ready to help if a drowning person needs you?
June 6 They didn’t think Indians would strike a spot twice
May 23 Life as a frontiersman could be a real bear
May 16 Flying was not an option for these 1941 travelers
May 9 Some memories can make one skip a good sermon
May 2 Remember to turn and flee when you see leaves three
April 25 Are you considering installing a swimming pool of your own?
April 18 The farm’s wading pool grew as the kids grew
April 11 Pioneers moved to the state from turn of century to 1800
April 4 Ugh - very salty water oozed from that spring
March 28 Worker, drone and queen have strange lives in hive
March 14 Farmers now realize the importance of bees
March 7 Ancient revival methods can’t match the Heimlich
February 28 Fiddling came in handy at J-school and dances
February 21 Hattie Parsons Page had fascinating stories to tell
February 7 Grandpa recalls meeting in Vicksburg battle lull
January 31 Butchering day was busy time in great-grandparents’ winter
January 24 Zenobia always wanted to sit down in the earthquake chair
January 17 Harg is extended family with integrity at the helm
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