Welcome to the online "Granny's Notes" archive. This collection contains all of Sue Gerard's stories from her weekly column in the Columbia Daily Tribune. Please browse the list below to read her stories.
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December 28 Sometimes it's best not to wait
December 14 There's no substitute for real trees
November 30 Columbia learned a lot from Paxton Keeley, Wrench
November 16 Many memories created during 4-H years
November 2 Losing cash belt throws traveler for loop
October 19 College kids demanded fresh milk
October 5 Windmills pumped farms' water into '40s
September 21 Salt licks important to Missouri pioneers
August 24 Salt crucial to Boone settlers
August 10 Black walnuts are worth the wait
August 3 Beating the heat was quite the feat
July 27 Lifeguard lessons work even indoors
July 13 Pioneers left their marks on Central Missouri
June 29 Benjamin Franklin, song float Granny's boat
June 15 Ship exhibit a treasured memory
June 1 Essay a winner after a lot of fiddling
May 18 May one of the most beautiful times of year
May 4 Nests hold interest even after birds are gone
April 6 Trip proves unforgettable
March 23 Family cowboys were roped into task
March 9 Nothing boring about switchboard
February 23 Wooden spools wind up being lots of fun
February 9 Bath time didn't require rubber duckies
February 2 Wide Broadway provided path to Columbia‚Äôs success
January 26 Helping with dairy created solid work ethic
January 19 Childhood bicycle ride set tone for future treks
January 12 Bees stay busy to beat the cold
January 5 Donated liquor leads to Christmas grudge
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